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The world loses Chadd Bain


Yesterday Chadd Bain passed away after a motorcycle accident…

We send our condolences to Kate, Sandile and the rest of Chadd’s family. Chadd was one of those amazing people who was so giving of himself and spent his time helping out others. I first met him while I was walking to the start at a regional at Cascades. I got hooked on DH and at my first race Chadd and Kate let me pit with them and their kids. They made me feel like part of their family right away. My first practice run I was pretty nervous so Chadd offered to go down with me to feel out the track. When I got to the bottom I could not see him anywhere. Turns out I passed him at the halfway mark because he had gone off the track and was in the bushes. We had a laugh about it when he finally appeared.

I will miss Chadd and I will miss racing against him.

Instead of sending flowers or cards, as a suggestion why not donate that money rather to the Izulu Orphan Project which Chadd ran. The project was aimed at helping aids orphans and the less fortunate. Details can be found here. Flowers wither and cards get lost, but that R20 could make all the difference to an orphan.


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12 Responses to “The world loses Chadd Bain”

  1. Nic Says:

    My condolences to the Bain family. He will be sorely missed. He always had a smile on his face. A geniune, down to earth and amazing guy

  2. Ross Ferguson Says:

    Condolances to Kate & famliy , Chadd you were an inspiration me
    Rest in peace bro.

  3. Tammi Lotter Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Kate and the Bain family at this very sad time.

  4. Jacques Grobler Says:

    I met Chadd for the first time about three weeks ago at an outreach Grace church had. He made such an impact on me, he was so strong in his Christianity it was amazing.
    Condolences to Kate and the family. RIP Chadd, we all know where you are now.

  5. Martin and Lorna Says:

    We have spent many hours filled with laughter with Chadd and Sandile on the downhill courses. Condolences to Kate and the family. We will miss your Chadd.

  6. Hilton Tredgold Says:

    I first met Chadd when I was a border master at Maritzburg College in the early 90′s. Met up with him again earlier this year at a Cascades Gravity Dice and again at the Global Leaderhip Summit. Chadd, you are an inspiration and wonderful testimony to God’s calling on your life. I know that may people will miss you dearly. May their comfort be in echoed in these words, “Well done my good and faithful servant”

  7. Chris Paxman Says:

    The service will be held at the Bains’ farm on Friday 18 December outside Empangeni. Im certain there will a huge turnout so please get in touch via the website should you wish to attend.

  8. Andrew Kruis Says:

    i have never met a more selfless and inspiring person than Chadd Bain. your kindness and love shone like a beacon of hope.
    condolences to his family and friends.

  9. Kate Bain Says:

    I sit here, 3 months after Chadd has passed, and I wonder how diverse life is. Life is so real. It had to take losing the most incredible person I ever met to make me really realise how absolutely crucial it is to make a real difference to others lives around you. I now truly understand that all you can take with you is relationships and the hope that you did well. I miss my husband more than I can explain but I know that because of him, so many people will benefit, even so many more than just now. I thank God for him, He was the most incredilble blessing to me, and the world around me. I pray that I can continue to build upon the foundation he has left me, I know I can, as it is so strong and solid. I love you my husband and I look forward to meeting again, many years from now I’m sure. God bless you all.

  10. David Bailey Says:

    All the condolences to you Kate and your family. I was in Junior Primary with Chadd and we were close little buddies for a few years before he moved on to different schools. I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing. It was no surprise to me to hear he was so influential in helping so many people have a better life, he just had that type of energy about him even so many years ago. His story really is a inspiration to us all.

  11. Barry Young Says:

    Did not know Chadd but heard about his story today from his wife and it has really inspired me to make a differance in the lifes of people around me!!!

  12. Dale Dixon Says:

    What a privilege it was to grow up with Chadd. His personality was clear right from the start – awesome, loads of fun embracing the world. He used to come to the Heatonville Club and us little crowd being the “Heatonvillie’s Gang” – he’d always have all these great ideas of helping the world. He’d come with a logo of Bainage printed roughly on a 2nd hand T-shirt… He moved to selling his “Moo Poo” to feed and educate the orphans – and look at what he has done today. Chadd it was a terrible loss to lose you my darling, most awesome friend. I miss you so very much… thank you for walking with me.

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